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Brave sailor awarded in Dubai for saving ship crew

Brave sailor awarded in Dubai for saving ship crew
October 10, 2017

Dubai: An Omani fisherman who rescued 20 sailors from a sinking ship has been honoured for his efforts in rescuing a ship’s crew by the international maritime organisation Seatrade Maritime Events (SME).

“Humanitarian Award goes to Mr Fayiz Al Junaibi,” SME announced online.

The Seatrade Maritime Events recognises the very best of maritime success from across the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Africa.

The award recognised the efforts made by Fayiz Al Junaibi to save the lives of the sunken ship’s crew, near the coast of Al Jazer last month, when the ship ran into trouble and started to sink.

The crew had sent a May Day message and Al Junaibi took his and another fishing boat on a 25-minute rescue mission, saving all the 20 crew members of the ship.