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Cruise ship explosion to cost company after Pinoy crewman Allan Allarde Navales's death

Cruise ship explosion to cost company after crew death
Hamish McNeilly Nov 27 2018

A major cruise company is facing a hefty financial penalty over the death of a crew member in New Zealand.

Allan Allarde Navales, 32, died when a corroded nitrogen cylinder burst while the Emerald Princess was in Dunedin's Port Otago on February 9, 2017.

The Dunedin District Court heard on Tuesday his family in Cebu, in the Philippines, was struggling after his death, living in poverty without his NZ $37,000 salary.

Before his death, Navales supported his family, including his intellectually disabled sibling, his sick mother and his daughter, who is now being raised by his sister in Cebu.

Maritime New Zealand counsel argued the multi-national company should pay the family $812,500 in reparations, based on Navales' working life.