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Abojeb reassures commitment to Pinoy seamen

Abojeb reassures commitment to PH seamen
GENEVI FACTAO December 04, 2018

Abojeb Group, a global maritime and manpower services company has strengthened its presence in the Philippines with the inauguration of a new building in Parañaque City, as proof of its commitment to Filipino seafarers.
Abojeb Chairman Bjorn Jebsen said they have a long relationship with the Philippines and their commitment to the Philippines and to the seafarers has been consistent.

“We started here in 1980. I think we were one of the pioneers here. We’re proud of what we’re building here… building jobs for thousands of seafarers, making a long standing partnership with customers, suppliers, friends and partners,” he said.

“Our goal is to contribute to competence training of seafarers. We’re always focused on training and development. As employer, we have a responsibility to contribute to the professional development of people who worked for us and with us. We’re always focused on safety and quality,” he added.

Jebsen visited the Philippines for the inauguration of new office at the fifth and sixth floor of Ri-Rance Corporate Center 1 at Aseana City, on November 28. The recently opened office has an area of 3,000 square meters. It houses Abojeb’s entire workforce and provides a modern welcome to seafarers.

“We made a decision to move to this office and we worked hard to make this happen,” Jebsen added.
Abojeb Managing Director Carl Martin Faannessen said the new office showed their commitment as a major player in the Philippines’ maritime industry.

“Philippines will continue to be a backbone of the business. We are committed here so that more Filipinos will be employed,” he added.

Abojeb Group has remained focused on recruiting and developing Filipinos seafarers and providing quality and cost-efficient ship management globally. He announced plans to hire land-based professionals brought by the global demand for Filipino talent in the healthcare and education sector.

“More and more countries are opening their doors to Filipino healthcare professionals and teachers. And by taking advantage of this opportunity, we will be able to give more Filipinos a chance to a better life as we extend our services beyond maritime,” Faannessen said.

Faannessen said, many industries were still in need of skilled and competent Filipino workforce. The Philippines is a top-of-mind choice when it comes to sea-based and land-based talent.

“As we move to our new home, we are excited to serve our customer and seafarers even better. Our company exists to deliver great people and services to meet the demands of our customers all over the world, and we now have the infrastructure to do this even better,” he said.

Abojeb Company is a leading and well-recognized ship management, crewing, and land-based manpower company which traces its roots from the Jebsens Group of Bergen, Norway founded in 1929.

Jebsen Maritime, Abojeb’s crewing arm, has honed its crewing services to provide the best people to more than 400 ships presently under its care.

It has 87 percent retention rate and a pool of 12,500 seafarers for the ocean-going ships of its principals from Norway, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines.

Abojeb Company continues to garner recognition from the Philippine government and various industry-led organizations. Abojeb has expanded presence in Australia, Greece, Japan, Norway and US.