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Russia likely to fine seized Japanese boat's crew

Russia likely to fine seized Japanese boat's crew
6 Feb 2019

Russian authorities say they've requested administrative penalties for the skipper of a seized Japanese fishing boat that allegedly operated in Russian waters without permission.

Russian border guard officials said on Tuesday that they had filed the request at a court, alleging that the skipper was not carrying the necessary documents for operating in Russia's exclusive economic zone.

The court is expected to impose a fine on the skipper. The captain and the crew are likely to be released after the money is paid.

The coast guard filmed the moment it captured the Number 68 Nishino-maru last Wednesday in the Sea of Japan.

The video shows Russian officials demanding that the boat stop its engines. A huge amount of crabs can be seen on the ship.

The seized vessel belongs to a crab fishing cooperative in Shimane Prefecture, western Japan.