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Romeil Orbit Murillo: Pinoy seafarer electrocuted on tanker off Vietnam

Philippine sailor in distress brought ashore in central province

Ship SAR27-01 docks at Nha Trang port
A Philippine sailor suffering from accidental electrocution while in the sea was brought to a hospital in Nha Trang city, the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa, in early morning of March 10.

Romeil Orbit Murillo, born in 1989, was on board the Malaysian-registered Penyuan ship which was en route from Ho Chi Minh City to China when he got the accident in the afternoon of March 9.

The captain of the ship sent a request for medical help when the ship was 43 nautical miles from Nha Trang City.

Vietnam’s centre for maritime search and rescue coordination instructed the crew to apply first-aid measures, but the sailor’s health deteriorated and he was in a danger of death.

In face of the situation, the centre ordered the ship SAR27-01 then on duty in Nha Trang to approach Neyuan.

Braving the complicated weather conditions, SAR27-01 brought the victim ashore at 0:50am of March 10. The sailor is now getting treatment at a hospital in Nha Trang City.


Filipino seafarer electrocuted on tanker

A Filipino crewman has been hospitalised after suffering electrocution on a tanker off Vietnam. Vietnam Net reported that the seafarer was brought ashore at Nha Trang City from the 7,900-dwt Penyuan (built 2009) on Sunday. Romeil Orbit Murillo,

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