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Updated: 22 min 14 sec ago

Some cities see jumps in domestic violence during the pandemic

1 hour 3 min ago
As more and more Americans are forced to stay home during the escalating coronavirus pandemic, the crisis has created a pressure-cooker situation for domestic violence victims, exacerbating stressors and isolation that can make for a deadly mix.
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South Korean island suing tourists who visited while having coronavirus symptoms

1 hour 45 min ago
The provincial government of Jeju Island, South Korea, is suing two women who visited the island on vacation despite the younger one having symptoms of coronavirus.
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Pandemic thriller, once rejected by publishers for being unrealistic, now getting wide release

4 hours 16 min ago
What happens when a once-rejected dystopian novel turns into reality? Ask Scottish author Peter May.
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Scotland may show a way forward for trans rights in UK

5 hours 17 min ago
Edinburgh native James Morton was 24 years old when his employers realized he was trans after he applied for a pension scheme requiring him to provide a birth certificate. He told CNN that a data protection error outed him to colleagues, who began asking Morton about his private parts and "made offensive jokes at my expense," he said.
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Coronavirus means that no one's talking about Brexit any more

5 hours 18 min ago
The UK performed a significant U-turn in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic this week. After days of savage criticism in the press over its laggardly testing strategy, Britain's top health minister made a bold new pledge.
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WWE's WrestleMania is this weekend. Here's how to watch and what to expect

5 hours 19 min ago
World Wrestling Entertainment's biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, starts Saturday night, but it'll be slightly different than what fans are used to.
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As northern Italy is ravaged by coronavirus, there's trouble brewing down south

5 hours 20 min ago
Four weeks into a nationwide lockdown, very few Italians are still singing from their balconies or banging pots and pans in solidarity. Instead, flags were lowered to half-staff this week for the nearly 15,000 coronavirus victims including doctors, nurses and health care professionals who have perished since February 23.
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'Normal' will look completely different when this is over

5 hours 21 min ago
We are all stuck in the midst of this thing -- whether on the front lines of fighting it or just in our houses waiting for it to pass. More and more people are getting sick, and that means more and more people are being directly touched by the devastation of this disease.
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Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who told Congress about whistleblower complaint

5 hours 42 min ago
President Donald Trump on Friday fired Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who had told Congress about the whistleblower complaint that led to Trump's impeachment, the President told Congress in a letter obtained by CNN.
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Pink is donating $1 million to fight pandemic after weeks with coronavirus

6 hours 14 min ago
Pink said on social media Friday that she and her son spent weeks in isolation after positive tests for Covid-19 but a few days ago they both tested negative for the deadly infection.
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Woman played her husband their wedding song on FaceTime as he died from coronavirus

6 hours 40 min ago
Maura Lewinger says her husband, Joe, wrote her love letters every morning and left them in her lunch box.
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Trump says some states aren't in jeopardy from the virus, denies saying it would go away by April

6 hours 41 min ago
President Donald Trump made yet another series of inaccurate or misleading claims at a coronavirus briefing on Friday.
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Virus deaths pass 59,000 globally

7 hours 22 min ago
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Jared Kushner's spine-chilling new role

8 hours 12 min ago
President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, seldom speaks to the public. Now we know why. When he stood at the White House podium on Thursday, what Americans heard was a spine-chilling performance from a believer in small government, delivered at a time when only big government can save the day.
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Doctors say India must prepare for an 'onslaught'

8 hours 37 min ago
One of Asia's biggest slums has confirmed its first coronavirus death as top Indian doctors warn that the country must prepare to face an "onslaught" of cases that could cripple the health system to levels far beyond what Europe and the United States are experiencing.
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In 1918 flu pandemic, not wearing a mask was illegal in some parts of US. What changed?

9 hours 9 min ago
When the novel coronavirus pandemic hit Asia, people across the region were quick to wear masks, with some places like Taiwan and the Philippines even making them mandatory in certain scenarios.
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People living in vans and RVs are getting squeezed during pandemic

9 hours 16 min ago
A family with two young kids, a young woman who'd escaped a tiny expensive flat in Barcelona, and a group of young friends who adored traveling. After weeks of bouncing around, this group of nomads had finally managed to find a place to live.
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Fears a coronavirus crisis looms in Tokyo

9 hours 19 min ago
Each day seems to bring more bad news for Tokyo.
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