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Updated: 3 min 49 sec ago

Amber Heard's sister testifies she saw Johnny Depp abuse her sister

15 min 33 sec ago
Amber Heard's sister testified on Wednesday that she witnessed actor Johnny Depp grab Heard by the hair and hit her in the face repeatedly when they were married.
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Eintracht Frankfurt seal Europa League fairytale with penalty shootout win

1 hour 37 min ago
For Seville, it was the hottest day of the year. For Eintracht Frankfurt it was one of the greatest nights in the German club's 123-year history.
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Mystery issue experienced on NASA's Voyager 1 probe from 1977

3 hours 43 min ago
The Voyager 1 probe is still exploring interstellar space 45 years after launching, but it has encountered an issue that mystifies the spacecraft's team on Earth.
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Russian debt: US Treasury signals it may block payments

5 hours 13 min ago
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday signaled US officials will likely end a carve-out in Western sanctions that has allowed Russia to continue make payments on its debt.
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Top Taliban leader makes more promises on women's rights but quips 'naughty women' should stay home

5 hours 20 min ago
A senior Taliban official has repeated the group's as-yet-unfulfilled pledge to allow girls back into high school, saying there would be "good news soon," but suggested that women who protested the regime's restrictions on women rights should stay home.
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Senegal President shows support for PSG player Idrissa Gueye following homophobia row

5 hours 47 min ago
Embroiled in a homophobia row in France, Paris Saint-German footballer Idrissa Gana Gueye has received the backing of Senegalese President Macky Sall.
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Dow tumbles 1,000 points as markets are practically begging to be punished

6 hours 11 sec ago
The old joke goes like this: Two friends are at a resort and one says, "The food here is really terrible." The other replies, "And the portions are so small!" Today, it's investors who dislike the taste of the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes but seemingly want more anyway.
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Lifting Trump's China tariffs could ease US inflation, Janet Yellen says

6 hours 29 min ago
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday criticized the Trump administration's tariffs on China and voiced support for lifting the levies, in part to ease very high inflation pressuring the US economy.
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Rare 18th-century Chinese vase kept in kitchen sells for $1.8 million at auction

6 hours 42 min ago
A rare Chinese vase dating from the 18th century has sold for nearly £1.5 million ($1.8 million) at auction.
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Solar Orbiter spies a 'hedgehog' during close pass of the sun

7 hours 33 min ago
The Solar Orbiter mission's first close pass of the sun in March has revealed our star in a new light.
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Britain's Royal Mint releases rainbow-colored coin to mark 50 years of LGBTQ+ Pride UK

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 23:59
Britain's Royal Mint has issued a commemorative 50 pence coin to mark the 50th anniversary of Pride UK.
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Why is Turkey causing problems for Finland and Sweden's plans to join NATO?

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 23:17
Just when it seemed like Finland and Sweden's accession into NATO was imminent, Turkey has taken its allies by surprise by throwing a wrench into the works.
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Australian PM collides with child in soccer match

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 23:14
The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, was taking part in a soccer match while campaigning in Tasmania for the upcoming federal election.
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The Ringling Bros. circus is returning next year -- without elephants

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 22:48
If you've missed gawking at human cannonballs and unicycling clowns under a figurative big top while the smell of popcorn wafts through the air, you're in luck: The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus is being revived less than a decade after it shuttered.
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Kinzinger calls out GOP leaders for tolerating White replacement theory

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 22:09
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) calls out GOP leaders including Marjorie Taylor Green and Tucker Carlson for tolerating an environment that involves White replacement theory, the notion that Whites are under threats to be replaced by minorities.
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Will Hezbollah's election setback change anything in Lebanon?

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 22:03
Iran-backed Hezbollah lost its parliamentary edge in a high-stakes election last weekend. For Lebanon, this could mean everything, or nothing at all.
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Rare criticism: Russian bloggers slam Russia's war effort

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 21:51
The Russian army's performance in Ukraine has been less than impressive according to Western intelligence assessments -- and that viewpoint is gaining ground among some in Russia itself.
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Freak prosecco accident causes history-making cyclist to abandon race

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 21:08
Tuesday proved to be an eventful day for Biniam Girmay, who made cycling history at the Giro d'Italia but later had to go to the hospital with an eye injury sustained during his podium celebrations.
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