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Mystery fire at Iranian nuclear facility is the latest in a series of unexplained incidents

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 03:39
It is the world's most scrutinized shed. Exactly what happened to an outer building at an Iranian nuclear facility means both everything and nothing, as Tehran grapples with protecting its regional clout during the twin ravages of the coronavirus and US sanctions.
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PH now 2nd in Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 count

Inquirer Breaking News - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 03:27
MANILA, Philippines --- The Philippines has the second most COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia as of Monday night with a total of 46,333 infections. This developed after the country logged 2,099 additional cases, enough to surpass Singapore which currently has 44,983, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Indonesia continues to top the region with 64,958 cases. However, it was the Philippines that has the most active cases with 32,845, followed by Indonesia's 31,798 and Singapore's 4,516. In terms of fatalities, Indonesia is currently first with 3,241, while the Philippines has 1,303 at second, followed by Malaysia with only 121. With 12,185 total recov...

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DOH retracts earlier statement: No emerging COVID-19 hotspots in Metro Manila

Inquirer Breaking News - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 03:13
MANILA, Philippines --- The Department of Health (DOH) on Monday night retracted its earlier announcement that four cities in Metro Manila had been classified as "emerging hotspots" for COVID-19. Earlier in the day, the DOH announced that Marikina, Muntinlupa, Makati, and Quezon City had been deemed hotspots for coronavirus infection. According to the DOH, the cities were "mistakenly classified as hotspots" and that the announcement was "based on a report last month." As of July 5, the DOH noted that COVID-19 cases in three of the four cities actually show a significant decline in the growth of cases, with Marikina decreasing by 68%, Muntinlupa by 10%, and Makati by 4%. But t...

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Meet the 'tiny bug slayer,' an ancient relative of giant dinosaurs

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 03:01
A "tiny bug slayer" that only reached 4 inches in height was the ancestor of much larger dinosaurs and flying pterosaurs 237 million years ago, according to a new study.
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How one diver became the 'shark whisperer'

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:53
Cristina Zenato needs only two words to describe sharks—nature's masterpiece. A professional diver in the Bahamas, she loves sharks. Especially the Caribbean reef sharks that flourish around Grand Bahama Island, thanks in large part to her efforts to protect them. The sharks swim right up to the woman known as the "shark whisperer" and nuzzle against her while she pets them like they're dogs or cats. Great Big Story takes a dive off Grand Bahama Island with Zenato to learn how she built such a strong bond with these beautiful creatures.
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Mexico's president has his own plane. So why is he flying commercial to meet Trump?

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:52
If you happen to be flying between Mexico City and Washington, DC, this week, you could be seatmates with a president.
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Colin Kaepernick signs production deal with Disney

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:39
Following the huge success of "The Last Dance" and renewed discussions about systemic race in America, Disney is partnering with one of the most notable voices in the country: Colin Kaepernick.
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Russian goalkeeper, 16, suffers severe burns after struck by lightning

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:28
The video is grainy, but with the help of a spotlight, the moment a Russian footballer is struck by a bolt of lightning is clearly visible.
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Go insists on strict protocols as thousands stranded in Metro Manila return to provinces

Inquirer Breaking News - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:08
MANILA, Philippines --- Follow health and safety protocols strictly, Sen. Christopher Lawrence "Bong" Go urged authorities again on Tuesday as thousands of people stranded in Metro Manila started to be transported back to their provinces over the weekend under the Hatid Tulong program of the government. Go also repeated his call to local government units to accept their returning residents, as directed by President Rodrigo Duterte. "Let's just do this in the right way. Let's follow health and safety protocols and make sure that the communities where they will go home to will be protected," Go said in Filpino in a statement. Last Saturday, July 4, stranded individuals seeking...

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Country music star Charlie Daniels, best known for 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia,' has died

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 02:05
Country music scribe Charlie Daniels, best known for the hit "Devil Went Down to Georgia," has died. He was 83.
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Record-breaking rainfall triggers deadly floods in Japan

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 01:53
Dozens of people were left dead or missing on the southern island of Kyushu after record-breaking rainfall triggered deadly flash floods and landslides.
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Searching for the real 'Gullah Gullah Island'

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 01:10
Remember 'Gullah Gullah Island,' the beloved Nick Jr. television show from the '90s? Well, while the island is a fictional place, the culture and people that inspired the show are real. The kids program is based on the traditions of the Gullah Geechee people, direct descendants of enslaved West Africans who created a unique culture and regional dialect that has been passed on through generations.
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Fox News cropped Trump out of photo with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, then called it a mistake

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 01:06
Fox News said on Monday that it "mistakenly" cropped President Trump out of a photograph that featured the accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.
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Trump tweet bemoans NASCAR's removal of Confederate flag

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 01:04
President Donald Trump on Monday bemoaned NASCAR's recent decision to ban the Confederate flag from all races and events.
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This glacier is turning pink, and that's bad news

CNN Top Stories - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 01:04
A glacier in Italy is turning pink because of algae -- a development that will make the ice melt faster, a scientist studying the phenomenon says.
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Ben&Ben on staying creative during the pandemic, the future of live events

Inquirer Breaking News - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 00:50
Productivity isn't a competition---especially not during a pandemic. With home confinement comes expectations to do more or learn a new thing or two. And this is true for some artists, who may feel pressured to churn out new material and concepts, or finish that passion project they had been putting off. But not everyone has the same coping mechanism or creative process. Some thrive and some try. Others revel in their newfound solitude. Others yearn for the inspiration they draw from the outside world. Take the folk-pop band Ben&Ben, for instance. While all nine members strive to work as a unit, the way they acclimatize to the current situation varies. "Sometimes, you...

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Sheena Halili’s biggest decision

Inquirer Breaking News - Tue, 07/07/2020 - 00:40
Four months into their marriage and Sheena Halili couldn't help but gush over her husband Jeron Manzanero's kindness, devotion and patience, especially now that she's pregnant and experiencing mood swings. "I was extremely grouchy towards you during our second month as a couple. Little did we know that my hormones were acting up, because I was already pregnant then," the GMA 7 talent wrote in Filipino in a recent post on Instagram. "And though I was being difficult, you would always assure me and tell me: 'You're my wife. I love you. It's OK if you're feeling that way. I can handle it!'" she said of Jeron, a lawyer who works as Pasig City's administrator. Sheena tied the kno...

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