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Crew welfare improved by new entertainment package

Crew welfare improved by new entertainment package
Martyn Wingrove 15 Jan 2018,crew-welfare-improved-by-new-entertai...

Global Eagle Entertainment has introduced OceanPrime TV, as a live television solution that was specifically designed for the commercial maritime market. This provides coverage for live access to sports, news and other TV channels over many of the global shipping routes.

It was created by Global Eagle to address crew retention and seafarer morale issues that shipowners and managers have to overcome, said Global Eagle’s senior vice president for maritime Ole Sivertsen.

“By offering live TV programming at sea, experiences on maritime vessels will be enriched for the captain and crew,” he said.

OceanPrime TV uses fully encrypted technology on a compact (60 cm) Ku-band antenna for live 24-hour news, sports and current event channels. It is available through a distribution channel of resellers and comes with a silver package offering two channels or gold package for four channels.

Coverage includes across the North Atlantic, around Americas, around Asia, across the northern part of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, plus the seas around Australia and New Zealand.