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New reporting platform for human rights in maritime launched

New reporting platform for human rights in maritime launched
16 January 2018

Human Rights at Sea announced a partnership with the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, with the launch of the new global platform for recording cases of maritime human rights abuses.

This is the first such dedicated international maritime reporting platform to be linked with the global reporting hub, hosted by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, and is a joint initiative to continue the ongoing advocacy efforts centred around highlighting human rights abuses at sea.

As explained, maritime industries continue to face serious human rights and labour rights abuses, from modern-day-slavery in the fisheries industry to labour rights violations of seafarers and those who work in shipbreaking yards.

“From working conditions of ship workers to modern-day-slavery in the fishing industry, to violent attacks by pirates and others, to environmental contamination affecting human health, the industry is in need of norms, and standards to address these issues effectively,” said Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.

The platform is designed to highligh pertinent international cases from the shipping and fisheries industries, as well as to publish cases relevant to identifying best CSR practices for companies operating in the maritime sector. This in-depth area will look into the specific labour rights issues with a focus on three sub-categories: seafaring, fisheries and shipbreaking.

At the time of launch, there are references to over 50 international companies and multiple links to corporate cases, which can be identified using the online search function across the maritime industry, fishing industry and ship-breaking resource pages.

“This is another positive step forwards for the ongoing advocacy drive aiming to tackle the current lack of transparency in the maritime supply chain, particularly when it comes to identifying and highlighting cases of abuse at sea…The platform also allows us to identify and showcase examples of best practice to further elevate standards of CSR reporting and related activities within the corporate maritime sector,” commented David Hammond, Founder and Trustee of HRAS.