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PH-made vessel powered by waves setting sail soon

PH-made vessel powered by waves setting sail soon
Dhel Nazario 14, 2018

The development of an environment-friendly vessel which has the ability to harness energy from ocean waves and improve the country’s maritime industry will be funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

The P76-million project is the brainchild of shipyard owner Engr. Jonathan Salvador and will be implemented by the Aklan State University with assistance from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Metallica Shipyard.

The ‘hybrid trimaran’ cargo vessel is envisioned to carry up to 100 passengers, 4 vans, and 15 motorcycles. It is made to be environment-friendly, safe, and unsinkable.

The vessel will be made of steel to ensure higher structure efficiency and better wave resistance.

Wave energy double action hydraulic pumps will be installed in the vessel, which converts mechanical movements in its pumps to electrical energy.

Hence, the more waves that the vessel encounters, the more power it will produce.

The technology is expected to improve the vessel’s energy efficiency, making it not only cost-efficient but also environment-friendly.

Construction of the vessels will begin this year and the country may be able to get a glimpse of it by 2020.