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Two cargo ships collide off of Finland's southern coast

Two cargo ships collide off of Finland's southern coast

A cargo ship got stuck in the ice off of Finland's coastal city of Porvoo on Sunday, causing the cargo ship sailing behind it to crash into it. The latter vessel incurred a hole in its hull, but there were no further injuries to the crew or the surroundings.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning south of Porvoo's Kalbågrund area, in international waters.

The Finnish Border Guard reports that the westward travelling ships were sailing in single file, due to ice build-up in the area. When the ship in front became stuck in the ice, the ship behind it was not able to stop in time. A hole above water level was made in the second ship's bow. The second ship was flying under a Panama flag.

Neither of the vessels was carrying a potentially dangerous load, and no one was injured. Both ships were able to continue their journeys without assistance.

The Finnish Border Guard's Dornier search and rescue utility aircraft and Marine Alutech Watercat were dispatched to the area to assist the ships.