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Pinoy seafarer among 10 people found with nCoV on Japan cruise ship, transferred to Yokohama hospital

Pinoy seafarer among 10 people found with nCoV on Japan cruise ship
February 5, 2020

A Filipino seafarer was among the 10 people on board a cruise ship who were tested positive for novel coronavirus in Japan.

None of the 10 infected people — aside from the Filipino, there were three each from Japan and Hong Kong, two Australians, and one American — had severe symptoms, according to a Reuters report, citing public broadcaster NHK.

Meanwhile, around 3,700 people are facing at least two weeks locked away on the cruise liner anchored off Japan.

While the infected patients were transferred by Japan's coast guard to hospitals on the mainland, the remainder of the passengers and crew on board the Carnival Corp ship were placed in quarantine.

"I want to take sufficient care of the health of passengers and crew and make every effort to prevent the spread of the virus," Japan Health Minister Katsunobu Kato told reporters in Tokyo.

The decision means that passengers on Carnival's Diamond Princess, who had embarked for a planned eight-day round trip that was due begin on Tuesday, will instead spend at least 14 days off Yokohama port near Tokyo.

The cruise ship was caught up in the global coronavirus epimedic after an 80-year-old Hong Kong man who sailed on the vessel last month tested positive for the virus. The man disembarked in Kagoshima in Japan's southern island of Kyushu on Jan. 22, where he joined a bus tour, local media reported.

Everyone on board on the ship since Monday had received initial health screening, Kato said on Wednesday, a process that identified 273 people for testing. Of that smaller group, 31 results had been received so far, revealing the 10 confirmed cases.

Kato said that officials would continue to monitor the remaining passengers and crew for the potential development of symptoms, suggesting that more test samples could be taken. —Reuters

Pinoy seaman, other nCoV cases on Japanese ship, transferred to Yokohama hospital
February 5, 2020

The Filipino seafarer who was among those who tested positive for the novel coronavirus on board a Japanese cruise ship has been transferred to a hospital in Japan.

According to a tweet by GMA News' Cedric Castillo, the Group Corporate Communications Head of manning agency A. Magsaysay Inc. said that the Filipino was receiving "full care" in Yokohoma.

"The crew on MV Diamond Princess has been medically disembarked and is in a hospital in Yokohama, Japan for further testing, treatment, quarantine, and full care," MJ Formilleza said in a text message to GMA News.

Pinoy, kabilang sa 10 kataong nagpositibo sa nCoV sa Japan cruise ship
Pebrero 5, 2020

Kabilang ang isang Pinoy seafarer sa 10 katao na sakay ng isang cruise ship na nagpositibo sa novel coronavirus sa Japan.

Sa ulat ng Reuters, wala umanong nagpakita ng matinding sintomas ng sakit ang 10 pasyente na kinabibilangan din ng tatlong Japanese, tatlong mula sa Hong Kong, dalawang Australian, at isang Amerikano.

Naka-quarantine naman ng dalawang linggo sa Carnival's Diamond Princess cruise ship na nakadaong sa Yokohama, Japan ang 3,700 na sakay nito.

Dinala naman sa ospital ang 10 positibo sa virus.

I want to take sufficient care of the health of passengers and crew and make every effort to prevent the spread of the virus," ayon kay Japan Health Minister Katsunobu Kato.

Dumating sa Japan ang cruise ship para sana sa walong araw na pamamasyal.

Sinuri ang mga sakay ng cruise ship matapos magpositibo sa nCoV ang 80-anyos na lalaki na sakay nito na nagmula sa Hong Kong. Bumaba ng Kagoshima sa Japan ang lalaki noong Enero 22, at sumama sa bus tour.

Patuloy umano susubaybayan ng Japan ang lagay ng kalusugan ng mga sakay ng cruise ship. —Reuters