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Cebu heightens measures at ports to prevent nCoV

Cebu heightens measures at ports to prevent nCoV
Dale G. Israel - February 07, 2020

CEBU CITY –– After implementing specific quarantine procedures for the local airport, the province of Cebu has stepped up precautionary measures for its seaports to prevent the entry of the new coronavirus (nCov).

In a new executive order issued by Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia on Thursday, all foreign vessels that have visited China and its administrative regions 14 days before arriving here shall also not be allowed to immediately dock at any of the more than 30 public and private ports around the province.

The incoming vessels, she said, would be placed on a designated anchorage site, where a quarantine inspection team would board them to assess the health of all the crew members.

Once cleared by the quarantine team, the ship may be allowed to dock for the sole purpose of loading and unloading cargoes.

No crew member shall be allowed to disembark from the vessel, and no person will also be allowed to board the ship aside from the quarantine team.

Garcia has asked the Philippine National Police and the Coast Guard to help in the monitoring of the docked ships to prevent unauthorized boarding and disembarkation.

If there are any Filipino members who wish to disembark from the vessel for a change of crew, he or she shall be subjected to the 14-day quarantine.

Meanwhile, local passengers showing symptoms of the nCov shall not be allowed to board any vessel.

“Upon check-in, all passengers of domestic sea vessels shall submit themselves for temperature checking using a thermal gun. Other visible symptoms such as, but not limited to fever, cough, colds, body weakness, and difficulty in breathing, shall also be checked,” the executive order stated.

A modified passenger manifesto is also required for each passenger.

It will include not just the name and home address in the port of origin but also the addresses of the places where they stayed in Cebu for faster contact tracing./lzb