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In honor of Filipino seafarers; Coast Guard leads observance of Nat’l Seafarers Day

In honor of Filipino seafarers
Sep 27 2020

Families of seafarers who perished at sea, together with members of the Philippine Coast Guard, throw rose petals in Manila Bay in honor of their loved ones during the 25th National Seafarers Day on Sunday. Among the attendees are the families of the crew of the ill-fated cargo ship Gulf Livestock 1 that capsized in western Japan last September 2 and left more than 30 Filipino seamen missing at sea.

Coast Guard leads observance of Nat’l Seafarers Day
Hanah Tabios September 27, 2020

As part of the celebration of the National Seafarers Day, the Philipppine Coast Guard (PCG) led a wreath laying ceremony at the waters in the vicinity of Manila Bay on Sunday to remember and honor the Filipino seafarers who perished at sea.

The event specifically remembered the Filipino crewmen who manned the cattle vessel, Gulf Livestock 1, which capsized in the south Japan sea earlier this month.

The government officials were joined by the bereaved families.

Maritime stakeholders demonstrated their unity through prayers as they honored Filipinos who were selfless and dedicated in their calling as sailors for their families and the country.

“The Philippine Coast Guard is one in remembering and honoring our fellow Filipinos who perished at sea in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as seafarers. As we celebrate the 25th National Seafarers’ Day today, September 27, 2020, we recognize and express our sincerest gratitude for their invaluable contribution to the national economy,” the PCG said.

The PCG and the Apostleship of the Sea also hosted an ecumenical service at Cunanan Wharf in Port Area, Manila to conclude the week-long celebration of the 21st National Maritime Week.

“The PCG assures that next year’s NMW celebration will be another successful event, of course with the support and active participation of our partner agencies and stakeholders in the maritime sector. We hope that this annual event will continue to bring unity and sustainability for the betterment of the maritime industry,” PCG Commandant, Admiral George V. Ursabia Jr. said.