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Marina allows online ship audit

Marina allows online ship audit
November 4, 2020

The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has implemented the guidelines in conducting a remote inspection of ships and shipyards under the ‘new normal’ in the maritime industry.

Marina Administrator Vice-Admiral Robert Empedrad issued Marina Advisory 2020-75, on the implementation of conduct of remote inspection, survey, audit, compliance monitoring of company, ship, and shipyard, given the implementation of social distancing and mobility restrictions to prevent further transmission of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Marina allowed remote inspection of ships and shipyards to ensure the safety and well -being of all, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The remote inspection, survey, audit, compliance monitoring of companies, ships and shipyards shall be conducted via online video communication platforms,” Marina said.

The inspector, surveyor, auditor, and enforcers must use suitable devices with a reliable internet connection to manage video communication. The officers and crew on board the ship must wear the appropriate uniform or attire during the inspection.

The online audits must be coordinated with Marina’s Shipyards Regulation Service (SRS), Maritime Safety Service (MSS), Marina Regional Offices (MROs). The designated Marina technical personnel from SRS, MSS, and MROs will assign a date for the inspection, survey, audit as soon as the application is received and duly assigned.

The MSS will continuously undertake compliance monitoring or random inspections to verify compliance of ships and shipyards with Marina rules and regulations and other applicable laws.

The refusal of the company to undergo remote compliance monitoring or non -cooperation without any valid reason will be deemed non-compliance with existing Marina rules and regulations.

Marina inspector or enforcer may recommend revalidation or reinspection of the qualification and maintaining requirements of the ship or shipyard particularly on safety.

“The remote inspection, surveys audits, and compliance monitoring are without prejudice to the conduct of the same in an actual or onsite arrangement if the circumstances warrant, particularly on situations that are determined to pose an imminent danger to the ship, shipyard, lives, or the environment, subject to stringent observation of safety and health protocols,” according to Marina Advisory.

The guidelines will take effect immediately and will remain valid and subsisting until otherwise revoked or until the pandemic situation ceases, whichever comes earlier.

Vicente Poño, Chairman of the Board, Ship Managers Association of the Philippines (SMAP) said in recent months, ship surveys suffer because surveyors were unable to travel. During that time, the administration issued circulars allowing ship managers to request for extension of survey due dates.

He said class society has been working to provide ship managers with remote surveys utilizing ICT ship survey systems for hull and machinery, based on condition, monitoring, or evaluation.

Ship managers manage jobs through virtual communication, which is very effective during a pandemic.

SMAP believes that remote survey applies to Philippine-flagged vessels even those in the domestic trade.

Avenir Advantage has been chartered by Petronas LNG to provide ship-to-ship LNG bunkering to vessels across Malaysia, and transport services as an LNG carrier for small-scale terminals in the region.

Avenir LNG’s CEO, Milorad Doljanin said the flexible design of the vessels means the ships can support the development of the LNG bunker fuel market in the shorter term.

It underpins its strategic objective of enabling LNG supply to energy users who were previously unable to enjoy the environmental and cost benefits which LNG affords.

Keppel O&M is currently building eight dual-fuel vessels and is also promoting LNG as a marine fuel through FueLNG, its joint venture with Shell Eastern Petroleum, which provides safe truck and vessel LNG bunkering solutions in Singapore. GVF