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Four injured in ferry and cargo ship collision in Amsterdam

Four injured in ferry and cargo ship collision in Amsterdam
November 21, 2020

A cargo vessel and a ferry collided on the IJ in Amsterdam, causing four injuries. Two of them have been taken to the hospital. The incident happened around 7:00 p.m. on Friday.

The ferry was on its way to Amsterdam Central Station when it was hit on the side by a freighter. Regional broadcaster, AT5, spoke to a passenger who was on the ferry. “All of a sudden, the cargo ship comes sailing in,” says 34-year-old Jan Swienink. “I looked at the deck, and everyone started screaming. A lot of people fell between the bikes. It was really intense.”

A witness who observed the accident from ashore told AT5 that a tour boat without lights was sailing in the area just before the collision. “It could be that the skipper of the ferry was focused on it and that they, therefore, overlooked the cargo ship.”

According to a passenger, two people had head wounds. Other passengers on the vessel helped the victims. “Everyone was in shock and was shanking (SIC) on their legs.”

Swienink estimates that there were between 40 and 50 people on the ferry. Despite the damage, the boat managed to arrive at Amsterdam Central Station, where the victims were received.

Police are investigating whether a third ship may have been involved in the accident.