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Building a future with autonomous shipping

Building a future with autonomous shipping
January 7, 2021

Alexander Pinskiy, head of industry association MARINET, explains the long-term vision of the a-Navigation (autonomous navigation) project, its use in 2021, and ways in which the International Maritime Organization (IMO) can implement autonomous navigation on a global scale.

Although autonomous shipping is becoming increasingly popular and much of the technology is already in place, we have yet to achieve global adoption of this kind of operations. It is obvious that the lack of a clear long-term approach to autonomous shipping has been the main obstacle to the use of MASS (maritime autonomous surface ships) and this is something that we, at MARINET and along with our partners, have attempted to address through our A-Navigation project. We have been rather successful with our vessel trials in Russia and have even received approval for wide implementation of this navigation system in the coming year. Furthermore, we have put together a long-term vision for implementation of regulation and technical solutions that will be necessary to bring this project to fruition.