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Merchant Ship Loaded With Coal Explodes In Gibraltar Bay

Merchant Ship Loaded With Coal Explodes In Gibraltar Bay
Chris King - 20 February 2021

There are reports that a Hong Kong-registered bulk carrier, CSSC Cape Town, suffered an explosion on board as it entered British Gibraltar Territorial Waters in the Bay of Gibraltar late on Friday night, as reported by the Gibraltar Chronicle.

The explosion appeared to be in the area of the vessel’s forecastle, where the vessel’s anchor mechanism is housed, with a spokesman for the Gibraltar Government saying, “the cause of the explosion is as yet undetermined”, but there are reports of casualties among the crew.

The Government spokesman continued, “The Gibraltar Port Authority immediately deployed paramedic assistance to the vessel. The vessel is loaded with coal and there is no fire on board as a result of the explosion”.

They added, “The Captain of the Port has been in touch already with the Captain of the Port in Algeciras, who has offered all assistance in support of the operation to assist with the injured crew members”.

This latest incident comes after a Liberian-flagged bulk carrier AM Ghent was involved in an oil spillage in the Bay of Gibraltar last week.