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3 fishing vessel crew members die in collision with cargo ship

3 fishing vessel crew members die in collision with cargo ship

SAPPORO--Three crew members of a fishing vessel died following a collision with a Russian cargo ship off the coast of Hokkaido on the morning of May 26, according to the Mombetsu Coast Guard Office and other sources.

The Daihachi Hokko Maru, a 9.7-ton fishing vessel belonging to the Mombetsu fisheries cooperative, collided with the Amur, a 662-ton cargo ship flying the Neberisk flag, about 23 kilometers northeast off Mombetsu Port at around 6:40 a.m.

A representative of the Russian vessel reported the accident to the Coast Guard office.

Five crew members aboard the fishing vessel were rescued. But three of them died--chief engineer Masayoshi Numahata, 64, as well as two seamen, Masatoshi Inoue, 37, and Shunsuke Konno, 39.

Another seaman, Keigo Sato, 36, suffered slight injuries. Captain Teruyoshi Yoshioka, 63, was not injured.

There were 23 crew members aboard the Russian vessel, transporting snow crabs.

The fishing vessel capsized in the collision. The bottom of the ship could be seen and oil leaked from the vessel, sources said.

The crew of the Daihachi Hokko Maru was fishing for hairy crabs, according to the fisheries cooperative.