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Philippines launches seafarer vaccination programme

Philippines launches seafarer vaccination programme
June 9, 2021

The Philippines is rolling out a vaccination programme for its seafarers scheduled for deployment within 90 days from July 1 this year.

Around 730,600 Filipino seafarers are expected to receive the priority jabs, the Philippines Maritime Authority (Marina) said. The seafarers with recorded sea service within the last three years will be given priority.

Unlike the majority of the population, seafarers will be getting Moderna or Pfizer jabs rather than the Chinese-produced Sinovac.

Marina said that starting this month, qualified seafarers will receive two doses at the AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital in Manila.

Filipino seafarers whose deployment is scheduled to begin in August, will be vaccinated at several locations, including the AMOSUP Seaman’s Hospital in Davao, lloilo, Cebu, and some local government units.

Filipino seafarers were included in the priority list of Covid-19 vaccinations in April this year.

China, Russia and, belatedly, India have also set about national seafarer vaccination programmes.