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Incident Alert on Incidents at Manila Anchorage Areas, the Philippines

Incident Alert on Incidents at Manila Anchorage Areas, the Philippines

ReCAAP ISC today issued an Incident Alert on incidents at Manila Anchorage Areas, the Philippines.

During January-August 2021, a total of eight incidents of armed robbery against ships occurred at Manila Anchorage areas in the Philippines. The location of all the eight incidents is at South Harbour Anchorage Area of Manila (location map on page 4).

Particularly, in the latest three incidents in July and August, the perpetrators were armed with gun/knife and demonstrated violence to the crew.

In the incident on 17 Jul, the perpetrator pointed an improvised (hand-made) gun at a duty crew, took his radio and tied him to the railing of the ship. In the incident on 4 Aug, the perpetrator tried to stab a duty crew with a knife. The crew managed to avoid the stabbing, but was tied up by two other perpetrators with a rope on the forecastle deck. In the incident on 13 Aug, the perpetrator pointed a gun at a duty crew, ordered him to open the storage room and tied up his hands with a rope at the forward centre bollard. In the same incident, another perpetrator threatened a crew with a knife. In all three incidents, ship stores were stolen, with significant quantity of stores stolen in the two cases of August.

The ReCAAP ISC is concerned with the continued occurrence of incidents and the increased level of violence at South Harbour Anchorage Area of Manila. Ship masters and crew are strongly advised to exercise vigilance, maintain constant look-out for suspicious boats and report all incidents immediately to the local authorities. It is also very important for the crew not to engage in a confrontation with the perpetrators.

Ship masters are advised to immediately report all incidents to the local authorities. The contact numbers for ships at Manila Port and Anchorage areas are as follows:

Coastal Guard District National Capital Region – Central Luzon
Contact numbers: +63 917 821 8124
Email address: [email protected]
[email protected]

Coast Guard Station Manila
Contact number: +63 917 842 7614
Email address: [email protected]

Ships can also report directly to the PCG Command Centre:

PCG Command Centre
Contact numbers: +632-8-527-8481(ext:6136/37)
+632-998-585-5327 /+632-917-842-8249 (mobile)
+632-8-527-3877 (fax)
Email Address: [email protected]

Source: ReCAAP