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COVID outbreak on Philippines-based cargo ship Global Striker quarantines crew in San Francisco Bay, officials say

COVID outbreak on cargo ship quarantines crew in San Francisco Bay, officials say
Don Sweeney August 31, 2021

A cargo ship that had 19 of 21 crew members test positive for COVID-19 called the U.S. Coast Guard for help Monday in San Francisco Bay, officials say.

Six of the infected crew members asked to be evacuated to hospitals for observation, KNTV reported.

“They all stated they were tested on Saturday and were positive for COVID-19, their signs and symptoms are extremely mild, they’re in extremely good spirits,” Lt. Jonathan Baxter of the San Francisco Fire Department told KPIX.

The remaining crew members are quarantining aboard the Philippines-based Global Striker, carrying a cargo of logs, in San Francisco Bay, KTVU reported. The ship last docked in West Sacramento but authorities don’t believe any of the crew got off the ship.

“So no one will be allowed to simply come onto shore to go to a restaurant or a bar, they are going to be on that vessel,” Baxter told the station.

A San Francisco fire boat took paramedics to the ship and returned to a staging area on Pier 26 with those who wished to disembark for treatment, KPIX reported.

“They’re all able to walk, they’re all able to breathe comfortably,” Baxter told the station. “This is a very mild onset at this time.”

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, COVID-19 outbreaks took place on numerous cruise ships and several U.S. Navy ships, including the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.