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Seafarers to receive 10% fare discount on board domestic ships

Seafarers to receive 10% fare discount on board domestic ships
Genivi Verdejo September 8, 2021

The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) and the domestic shipping operators have granted a 10 percent fare discount to seafarers onboard vessels owned by local shipping lines.

Marina Administrator Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad conceptualized the seafarer discount on domestic passenger ships, which has been a long-overdue benefit for them. Marina with its Regional Offices (MROs) and 45 shipping operators held the signing of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) on fare discount in a virtual ceremony on Tuesday.

As a maritime nation, seafarers are recognized for continuously facilitating safe and reliable trade and travel to millions of Juans and Juanas, transported by sea. Some of the shipping lines that signed the MOA include 2GO, Trans-Asia Sh ipping Lines Inc., and Lite Shipping.

Empedrad said that despite the low load factor being experienced by shipping lines due to the impacts of the pandemic, shipping operators were still willing to give a discount.

It has strengthened the ties between Marina and the domestic shipping industry and proved that when public and private sectors come together, great things such as this happen.

He pointed out that the maritime sector was not exempted from the huge impacts of the pandemic. The shipping industry and the seafarers themselves were greatly affected by repatriation and travel restrictions, among the other crisis' problems.

Last year, Marina implemented the Greenlane to facilitate the speedy and safe travels of seafarers, including their safe and swift disembarkation, in response to the International Maritime Organization (IMO)'s call for safe ship crew changes.

Marina Advisory 2020-60 and 2020-61 highlight the various crew changes protocols from other IMO Members that can be utilized by licensed manning agencies, shipowners, ship operators, and other maritime stakeholders.