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48% decrease in piracy incidents in Asia

48% decrease in piracy incidents in Asia

ReCAAP ISC reported that a total 14 incidents, including nine actual incidents and five attempted incidents, were reported in Asia during January-March 2018 compared to 27 incidents that were reported during the same period in 2017.

The 14 incidents reported during January and March 2018 are a 48% decrease compared to January-March 2017. Of these incidents,:

One was an incident of piracy;
13 were incidents of armed robbery against ships.

The improvement during this period was caused by a decrease in the number of incidents at ports and anchorages in Bangladesh and Philippines. Namely, there was no actual incident of abduction of crew for ransom in the Sulu-Celebes Sea, and no hijacking of ships for theft of oil cargo during January-March 2018. However, of concern was an attempted incident n the Sulu-Celebes Sea involving the container ship, "Kudos 1" on 16 February 18.

Of the nine actual incidents reported during January-March 2018:

3 were CAT 3;
6 were CAT 4 incident.

In comparison, during January-March 2017, of the 21 actual incidents, three were CAT 1, one was CAT 2, five were CAT 3 and 12 were CAT 4 incidents.

ReCAAP ISC also provided recommendation to ships, which are the following:

Reroute where possible;
Exercise enhanced vigilance;
Conduct risk assessment;
Adopt piracy counter-measures to mitigate risk;
Maintain communications with authorities;
Make timely report (Reporting Centres in Zamboan: