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Useful idiots in shipping

Useful idiots in shipping
Mikhail Voytenko September 15, 2021

“Shipmanagers, owners and flag states are considering compulsory vaccinations for seafarers once global rollouts have given all crew the opportunity to be jabbed against coronavirus”, reported Lloyd’s List from London International Shipping Week.
Plainly speaking, this International Shipping Week presently held in London, is an amazing demonstration of so-called “industry leaders” failure, it’s a gathering of frustrated, baffled and helpless people, losers who were hit hard by the reality.

Japan, China, the US, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand do not treat vaccinated seafarers differently, Marshall Islands flag registry’s director of business operations Theofilos Xenakoudis said at a virtually held seminar covering crew changes.
“Even if we do make it compulsory will that allow seafarers to travel freely, will a (compulsory) vaccination programme open the borders? There is no incentive at the end of the day,” he said.

I’ve been warning about an oncoming chaos for more than a year, I repeatedly said, that the mass “vaccination” is not the way out of crew change crisis, even in short-term perspective. Thoughtless, irresponsible, plainly criminal practice of crews “vaccination” didn’t make crew change any more orderly and smooth, and it didn’t reduce change costs, either. In reality, mass “vaccination” made and is making situation much worse than it was before – now, when managers have to deal with, and suffer consequences, of real mass crews sickness and deaths, not the wave of fake “quarantines” of healthy crews, based on fake PCR tests, like it was in 2020, before the doomsday “vaccines” emerged. Now it’s real.

So, when hit by reality, “leaders” lost what little brains they had, acknowledged total lack of any resemblance of control of the situation, and throw prudence to the wind, in a futile hope, that it all will settle somehow, by itself. That if they keep going on with “vaccination”, it will ease their woes and financial bleedings. “Industry mulls compulsory seafarer vaccination”, puts the heat on Lloyd’s. Oh, really? De-facto it’s already compulsory, read your own previous articles and reports, industry media morons.

What’s real sick and disgusting, is the plethoric hypocrisy of «Shipping Week” circus and participating clowns:

If somebody fell ill on a ship with fully vaccinated crew, the likelihood of lighter symptoms meant ships could continue operations, and the risk that all seafarers would be forced to disembark and be replaced was lower, said Capt Fradi of Columbia Ship Management.
“This should be a very good motivator to the whole industry and seafarers themselves to get fully vaccinated,” he said. “They know that if even if there is an outbreak on board, they are not going to lose their jobs and have to go back home. The health of the seafarers is the most important. There is no other priority.”

“The whole vaccination discussion is a very delicate issue,” said Mr Xenakoudis. The truth is that we would have a very less destructive travel environment and social environment and business environment if everyone would be vaccinated. Yes, it would save a lot of money for the shipping company, it will save lives. I fully agree that the life of the seafarer is a priority”.

Did they understand what they are saying? It’s all about their hopes, that mass vaxx will hopefully, ease their pains, but with that, “the life of the seafarer is a priority”. They acknowledge, by the way, that the “vaccines” aren’t any guarantee against the “deadly virus”: “(vaccines) offered a degree of protection to seafarers becoming very ill”.

As of now, we might already say with a high degree of confidence, that the “vaccines” brought on ships more mass sickness and deaths, than anything else in modern shipping history.

It’s all lies and hypocrisy. OK, some or many of “leaders” may genuinely believe in “deadly pandemic” narrative (but not all of them, far from that) – I can accept that. But who’re they? What are their positions in this world? They’re empowered with authority over people who trust them and work for them, whose lives literally, depend on them and their decisions. They know – or at least, must know – all the controversies and bad rumors about the “vaccines”, very well based, facts-based fears, and really scary statistics of deaths and health-ruining side-effects of the “vaccines”. They MUST check it all, gather all available info on the results of mass crew “vaccinations”, and publicly, openly, present and discuss it.

I know, that my advice or proposal is purely rhetoric – of course they won’t do or say anything contradicting mainstream narrative, and globalist agenda. They’re simply incapable of doing anything which requires honesty, courage, moral principles. They’re walking dead, in this sense. They transformed shipping from prosperous and proud industry into a stinking, rotten, corrupted shithole, ideal environment for spineless, soulless, unscrupulous and amazingly ignorant career-builders.

The good news is, their time is nearing end, at increasing speed. I wasn’t clairvoyant in predicting present chaos, I simply analyze the reality, not the delusional MSM bubble. It was just that – obvious. As obvious is very near future and what it has in store for industry “leaders” – they’ll perish in oncoming collapse, and many of them will perish literally. I repeat time and again – you should know history, “leaders”. New World Order won’t spare you, you’re dispensable useful idiots, about to fulfill your mission and after that, you’ll go down the drain.