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ITF will support Seafarers whenever owners fail to pay up

ITF will support Seafarers whenever owners fail to pay up
7 Oct 2021

The International Transport Federation (ITF) Australia welcomes the six-month ban placed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on the bulk Carrier MV Western Callao for underpayment of crew wages.

Acting ITF Coordinator Australia Matt Purcell said the ITF first became aware of the problems on board the Singapore-flagged vessel in August when contacted by the crew.

“When the vessel berthed in Adelaide in early September, the ITF worked closely with AMSA to sort out issues involving crew repatriation and unpaid wages for three months,” Mr Purcell said.

“The crew was owed a total of $40,000 in wages which has now been paid to them because of the ITF’s intervention.”

“The crew were desperate to return home after being denied repatriation on several occasions by the Company and the ship’s owners were in obvious breach of the Maritime Labour Convention by keeping them onboard.”

“This is another great example of the cooperation between AMSA and the Australian ITF in protecting Seafarers’ rights.”

“The crew have now been repatriated and another crew is now onboard the ship which will not be permitted to re-enter Australian waters for six months as a penalty for failing to adhere to international labour regulations.”

“We put owners of vessels on notice that the ITF will provide support for the crews of any vessel entering Australian ports who are being exploited by ship owners.”

“Seafarers around the world work hard to keep the global economy ticking over and they deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity.”