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Seafair assures perfect ship-seafarer match

Seafair assures perfect ship-seafarer match
Yashika F. Torib November 10, 2021

Finding the right workforce that perfectly fits the requirements of the company is, at times, a serious problem for employers. In the case of the shipping industry, however, one company has found a way to address both the employers' and seafarers' concerns over employment.

Seafair was created to solve such problems and a host of other worker-related concerns efficiently and cost effectively by serving as the platform linking shipping companies, shipowners and operators of commercial vessels, with seafarers from reliable sources worldwide.

Established just a year ago in Greece, the veritable superpower of global shipping, Seafair is equipped with the technology to resolve issues besetting both principals and seafarers from recruitment to crew management.

After talking to many seafarers, its founder, Agapitos Diakogiannis, realized some inefficiencies in the hiring process as seafarers have trouble finding jobs even though their seamanship skills are in high demand in the industry that continues to grow in spite of the pandemic.

One common practice among traditional agencies is the so-called backer system where one cannot be hired if the seafarer has no connections within the top management of the crewing company.

Diakogiannis assured that recruitment with Seafair is different. He said that it is constantly based only on seafarers' merits, thus, fairness is guaranteed in the process. Add to this the fact that recruitment interviews are done virtually at the comfort of their homes, hence, it offers seafarers utmost convenience. Applicants do not need to report at the office during the entire process.

Moreover, Seafair takes pride in its distinct advantage over some of the traditional manning companies which rely on hiring commissions to make money, a setup seen to compromise best fits for job openings.

Through technology, Seafair has reduced these chances by vetting seafarers and matching them with shipping companies' needs based on their background, experience, skills, and performance. It employs algorithms to make the process of filling vacancies more efficient.

It also provides a digitized and more transparent version of traditional agencies.

How it works

The process begins when seafarers upload their resumes online. Seafair runs a series of background checks and online assessments to find the perfect vessel for the applicant, then the platform schedules interviews. If they are hired, Seafair starts the deployment process, including digital contracts.

It also provides shipowners and operators with human resources software that helps them consolidate data. The platform can be used as soon as Seafair verifies the employers and vessels under their management.

The startup's HR software includes tools to manage payments, insurance, schedules, and rest hours. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows shipping companies to manage practically all seafarer operations onboard, including performance evaluations.