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Marina OSS director Jean Ver Pia appointed Maritime Attaché to IMO

Marina OSS director appointed Maritime Attaché to IMO
Yashika F. Torib December 29, 2021

The Maritime Industry Authority's (Marina) director for Overseas Shipping Service (OSS) was recently appointed as the country's maritime attaché to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Lawyer Jean Ver Pia will represent Marina in meetings at the IMO and assist in the formulation of Philippine positions in conventions and conferences.

As a maritime attaché, she will also assist the Head of Mission on matters relating to flag administration, seafarers administration, and shipyard regulations.

Pia will continue as the Department of Transportation's (DoTr) designated Single Point of Contact (SPC) to ensure the country's full and effective implementation of mandatory IMO instruments under the IMO Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS).

The Philippines is scheduled to be audited on October 2023. "The continued posting manifests the [country's] commitment in further enhancing the active, substantial, and timely participation to different international initiatives," Pia said.

Pia added that the country's presence and representation in IMO will strengthen its position and support in the development of guidelines for fair treatment of seafarers, the provision to improve the quality of onboard training for seafarers, facilitation of seagoing service for candidates for certification, development of measures to improve domestic ferry safety, among other concerns.

"It is with a deep sense of duty that I assume this new assignment and move forward in my career. Having immersed in the demands of both educational and professional life and thriving in both settings, I hope that I will be able to draw on this capacity and resilience to flourish under a diverse and multi-cultural environment under these unprecedented times and one that a Maritime Attaché requires.

"I like to give emphasis also to the equal opportunities given by our Secretary of Transportation and Administrator to a female applicant such as myself when they appointed me as Maritime Attaché. I hope that I will be able to equal to their trust with continuous competence and hard work," Pia said.

As the former OSS Director of Marina, Pia was responsible for the promotion and regulation of the overseas shipping sector. She provides overall direction and supervision to the three divisions of the OSS, namely: Maritime Registry Division (MRD), International Shipping Development Division (ISDD), and the Cooperation and Strategic Maritime Initiatives Division (CSMID).

Pia took up her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Cardiff University, Wales, Cardiff, the United Kingdom from October 2010 and graduated last 21 July 2017. She obtained her Masters of Science (MSc) in Maritime Administration at the World Maritime University, in Malmo, Sweden from May 2002 to October 2003. Both post-graduate studies were funded by the Sasakawa Fellowship of Japan and the Nippon Foundation/Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC), respectively.

Pia took her Bachelor's Degree in Laws (Ll. B) at the San Beda College, Manila from 1994 to 1999 and passed the 1999 Philippine Bar Examination. Before entering the College of Law, she took her Bachelor of Arts degree in Major in Political Science at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila from 1990-1994.