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Marina grants one-year validity extension to expired shipping certificates

Marina grants one-year validity extension to expired shipping certificates
Genivi Verdejo April 13, 2022

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has extended by one-year the validity of expiring and expired accreditation certificates of domestic shipping operators and maritime enterprises.

The directive covers accreditation certificates issued according to Marina Circular (MC) 186, Domestic Shipping (DS)-2020-02 and 2006-003.

MC 186, series of 2003 contains rules on the accreditation of maritime enterprises, which were revised through the implementation of MC DS-2020-02. Meanwhile, MC 2006-003 states the revised guidelines on the accreditation of domestic shipping enterprises or entities.

Marina's advisory was issued following the signing into law of Republic Act (RA) 11659 or An Act Amending Commonwealth Act 146, also known as the "Public Service Act," as amended, on March 21, 2022 effectively amending relevant provisions of domestic shipping-related Circulars.

Marina's directive was issued on April 1, 2022, pending the crafting of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of RA 11659 and the subsequent amendment/repeal of related Marina Circulars, whichever comes first. The advisory will remain valid until revoked or modified.

Marina assured the stakeholders of the necessary issuances of certificates for Filipino seafarers to gain continuous employment opportunities onboard ships despite the pandemic and its effects on training completion, revalidation of certificates, and conduct of crew changes.