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Families Of Korean MV Stellar Daisy Appeal To Get Black Box, Full Disclosure & Safety

Families Of Korean MV Stellar Daisy Appeal To Get Black Box, Full Disclosure & Safety
Korean Families of the Missing Crewmen of MV Jan 8th, 2018

The families of the missing Korean ship MV Stellar Daisy call for finding the black box, full disclosure and proper health and safety protection for all seafarers

Appeal From The Families Of The Korean MV Stellar Daisy For Finding the Black Box, Full Disclosure And Proper Health And Safety Protection For Seafarers
[the families of MV stellar daisy] 스텔라데이지호

Published on Jan 8, 2018
We look forward to your solidarity.

[Korean Families of the Missing Crewmen of MV Stellar Daisy]

Progressive Korea

Campaign concerning the disaster of the MV Stellar Daisy, a South Korean ore carrier.-Support Needed

The South Korean ore carrier, MV Stellar Daisy, sank in the South Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Uruguay, on March 31 2017.

Two Philippine sailors were rescued, however, 22 crew members (8 Korean and 14 Philippine sailors) are still missing. We suspect they are on a life raft designed for 16 people, and there is still a chance they may be alive, due to their professional emergency training, fishing kits, and survival gear.

After the sinking of the ship, the Uruguay MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre)conducted basic search and rescue missions, but only a limited area was covered. The U.S. Navy also joined the air search, but, on four occasions. We are hopeful survivors will be found, yet we must profess profound disappointment at the assistance offered to date by all parties involved.

In addition, we are also concerned about the safety of other sailors employed by the Korean Polaris Shipping company. The maximum life of a carrier is typically 20 years, yet 17 ships in this fleet are up to 25 years old, which makes them dangerously outdated.

Working conditions on these "Floating Coffins" are horrible. The crew barely have time to eat and sleep, and the internet service on board was cut off by the company, which leaves crew members isolated from the outside world. The sinking of the MV Stellar Daisy has the first accident on the 52 converted carriers currently on the world's oceans. Unfortunately, given the conditions and their age, we fear it will not be the last.

Please help us with this difficult situation.

We call on:
The South Korean government, to uphold its duty to protect the lives of its citizens by resuming the search & rescue mission for the missing crew members as soon as possible, and to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the disaster and punish those responsible.
The U.S. government, to respect the rights of the affected families, by investigating the facts about their loved ones and disclose to the families all information, including photos and videos so far attained, especially concerning the possibility of the unaccounted life raft; first sighted by the U.S. Navy.
International organizations, to work closely to impose stricter safety regulations, to prevent future accidents occurring on these outdated carriers.
International labor unions, to collaborate in a united effort to improve overall working conditions of maritime crew.

The Korean Families of the missing crewmen of the MV Stellar Daisy

*For further inquiries on this campaign, please contact us at stellardaisy2017(at)


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