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Cargo ship grounded as Chief Officer had to visit washroom

Cargo ship grounded as Chief Officer had to visit washroom
July 25, 2022

The cargo vessel “CEG Orbit” was reported to have ran aground off the Isle of Man, as the chief officer needed to visit the washroom.

The cargo vessel ran aground on 26 August on the Isle of Man, 2021, after having set sail from Liverpool for Belfast, loaded with wheat grains.

According to the Isle of Man Registry, the officer, who was in charge of CEG Orbit, experienced a sudden sharp intestinal pain at around 2 am. He then had an immediate need to leave the bridge to go to the washroom, and he did so leaving the vessel unattended.

However, while doing so, he did not change the vessel’s course, which would have prevented it from running aground. At the time of the accident, the cargo vessel had a crew of five members, and the Master’s standing orders mention that the bridge must not be left unattended.

It specifically notes that if it becomes necessary to leave the bridge during the watch, you must first be relieved by another.

In addition, the Isle of Man Registry explains that the Chief Officer failed to follow an instruction provided by the Master by not calling him to the bridge to be temporarily relieved from his function of safe navigation.

In fact, it would have been visible to make out the shore of the Isle of Man and see the lighthouse at the Point of Ayre. Isle of Man also requested Latvian authorities, in which the cargo vessel is registered, to consider if taking any further actions is necessary.

No one was injured in the incident, and it has not caused pollution or harmed the wildlife in that area. The cargo vessel was refloated the next day.