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Marina provides ISM Code auditors training course

Marina provides ISM Code auditors training course
July 27, 2022

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has started the five-day International Safety Management (ISM) Code Auditors Course to equip its technical personnel with the proper understanding and to correctly implement the ISM Code.

Engr. Ramon Hernandez, director of Maritime Safety Service (MSS) and Shipyards Regulation Service of Marina, said there was an absolute need for maritime personnel to undergo ISM Code training to have a deeper grasp of regulation codes.

MSS gathered the technical personnel from the central office to regional offices for a five-day course which started on July 25, 2022 and will end on July 29, 2022.

Hernandez said the course enables them to understand the conventions applicable to ships, determine key aspects of marine operations, apply auditing skills and techniques, and conduct an effective ISM audit that will satisfy the needs and expectations of interested parties in the industry.

Some of the Marina technical personnel have prior experience working in shipping companies as superintendents, and ship managers and officers.

Sonia Malaluan, deputy administrator for planning of Marina, said it was important to have a better understanding of all of the requirements of the ISM Code. "Participants were able to recognize that no two shipping companies or shipowners are the same, and that ships operate under a wide range of different conditions," she said.

The code is based on general principles and objectives, which include assessment of all identified risks to one company's ships, personnel and environment, and establishment of appropriate safeguards.

"The critical point is always the implementation, so we need to have a better understanding and a uniform interpretation and application of the ISM Code," Malaluan said.

The ISM Code provides an international standard for the safe management, operation of ships and pollution prevention.

Subject matter experts Eri Darmasetiawan, International Safety Management Code/International Ship and Port Facility Security Code/Maritime Labor Convention trainer of RINA Indonesia; Rufino de Dios Jr.; and Jessie Suficiencia of RINA Classification and Certification Philippines, were present in the training. Jeffrey Bangsa, former MSS director and currently Marina 13 regional director, and Marc Anthony Pascua, MRO-NCR director engineer, served as training observers.

Darmasetiawan will cover the five-day lectures of the ISM Code auditors, encompassing the requirements of the ISM Code, its interpretation and application; ISM Code for ship operations, emergency preparedness; audits on the Safety Management System regarding UNI EN ISO 19011:2012; and the mandatory rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards.

The training course is in line with the Maritime Industry Development Plan Program 6, which provides capacity-building activities to promote sustainable operational developments. It aims to improve the abilities and skills and strengthen relationships and values. It will enhance the performance of Marina as a maritime administration geared toward becoming a highly competent organization.