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Seafarer airlifted from ship off coast of Cyprus

Seafarer airlifted from ship off coast of Cyprus

Cyprus airlifts seafarer from Ukraine-flag cargo ship en route to Limassol before sailing to Haifa

A seaman was transported to Nicosia’s state hospital on Thursday following a medical emergency late at night on board a Ukraine-flag cargo ship bound for Israel.

According to the Cyprus Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, a seafarer in need of medical attention on board general cargo ship Izmail was airlifted from the Ukraine-flag vessel some 50 nautical miles west of the island and transported by ambulance to Nicosia General Hospital early Thursday morning at 1:40am.

JRCC Larnaca said they were notified about the incident on Wednesday late night at 11pm but no further details were provided.

A video posted on the JRCC Facebook page shows the instrument panel of a helicopter approaching the vessel, then flying away and landing at a site near an awaiting ambulance.

Information online suggested Izmail, owned by Ukrainian Danube Shipping, was expected to sail towards Haifa after passing through Limassol.