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Pinoy seafarer dies due to linehandling incident at Port of Charleston

Seafarer dies due to linehandling incident at Port of Charleston
The Editorial Team November 3, 2022

A crewmember from a vessel at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina lost his life during a linehandling accident, on October 26.

More specifically, the Philippine national seafarer was working a line aboard an unnamed vessel at the North Charleston Ports Terminal.

During the operation, and under unknown circumstances, the line hit him in the chest, causing him to go into cardiac arrest, and eventually dying.

After the incident, USCG the county coroner’s office are carrying out an inquiry.

Another waterfront fatality had taken place in Charleston during July. Then, a worker at a site near North Charleston’s Drydock Avenue was working inside the stack of a vessel when the platform supporting him gave way.

As a result, the seafarer fell about 100 feet to the bottom of the stack, and he became unresponsive before first responders could extract him.