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Pasko Sa: a Filipino Christmas for our seafarers

Pasko Sa: a Filipino Christmas for our seafarers
23rd November, 2022

Melbourne’s Filipino community is inviting the wider community to celebrate Christmas and the hard work of our seafarers this festive season with their annual Pasko Sa event at the Stella Maris Seafarers’ Centre on Friday, December 2. 

This year’s Pasko (Christmas in Fiipino) Sa will be a celebration of all things festive, from traditional street food and the famous lechon (whole roast pig), to glittering parol lanterns, cultural dances, joyful carols and live music.

Australia is an island nation that relies heavily on shipping for supplies, from fresh produce and medicine to cars and heavy equipment, and COVID-19 highlighted how crucial seafarers are to the maritime industry.

There are around 295,000 Filipino seafarers serving on boats plying the oceans at any given time and in the Port of Melbourne alone, more than 60 per cent of all seafarers on port-call are Filipinos; many of whom will be away from their loved ones this Christmas.

Victoria’s Philippine consul general the Honourable Maria Lourdes Salcedo has welcomed the community proposal to hold the Pasko Sa celebrations in Melbourne this year in dedication to seafarers: Alay sa Marinero (offering to the sailor), with the much-loved Stella Maris Seafarers’ Centre Melbourne (SMSC), one of 300 Seafarer Service Providers worldwide, agreeing to hold the event. 

Tickets are limited, so book your tickets now at 

Proceeds from the night will buy Christmas care packs (a SIM card to call family on Christmas Day, toiletries and food) that Stella Maris will give to seafarers docking in Melbourne in December. 

For more information, contact Mila Cichello on 0408 800 288. •