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MSC container ship crew died in accident on board

MSC container ship crew died in accident on board
Dec 21, 2022

Crew member of container ship MSC RESILIENT III died on board, understood in an accident, in the morning Dec 21 at Bluff, South Island, New Zealand. Cargo operations were already completed and dockers left the ship, reportedly ship’s cranes were moved when accident happened. Investigation under way.

Crew member dies on foreign vessel in Bluff
21 Dec 2022

A person has died suddenly on a vessel at South Port in Bluff.

Police were called to the port at 9.30am, and are working with Maritime New Zealand to work out what has happened.

The Maritime Union said it understood a foreign crew member died on a container ship while cranes onboard were being moved.

The union said the ship was believed to be the MSC Resilient III, registered under the Liberian flag.

That made the ship a flag of convenience vessel, which were "notorious for the issues around safety and seafarers' rights", the union said.

The death was a sad and stark reminder that the maritime industry was dangerous, the union said.