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Mass theft among crew on board of MSC container ship, and interesting response

Mass theft among crew on board of MSC container ship, and interesting response
Mikhail Voytenko December 23, 2022

Ukrainian maritime edition Seafarer News received a letter from Ukrainian seaman, who described an outrageous theft incident on board of container ship MSC BRUNELLA, which happened several weeks earlier. Somebody, apparently crew member, opened 7 cabins and stole all cash he found, totalling some $20,000. Incident itself is outrageous, and MSC respond is also outrageous. MSC didn’t call police, so there was no proper criminal investigation. MSC ran ita’ own investigation, which led to zero result – nobody found, and no money compensated to robbed seamen. The thief is among crew, so one can easily guess tension and distrust tearing apart ship’s crew. It’s purely a criminal case, but MSC rejects to involve police.
MSC BRUNELLA is presently, en route from Manzanillo to Los Angeles, ETA Dec 26.

Comment: There is cocaine – MSC scandal still ongoing, launched by Bloomberg materials. But if you ask me, I’d say, that even if shipping majors traffic all drugs there are in the world, from cocaine to heroine, from amphetamines to opioids, they’d still harm humanity much less than they harm it now, by destroying cheap, effective, safe and affordable shipping industry. They destroy industry by their active, enthusiastic participation, or collusion, in one of the biggest hoaxes and crimes against humanity – “Fight against Climate Change”. Shipping major CEOs and senior officials resemble timber worms, infecting wooden house. Why do they do it, is no big secret. It’s obvious.

MSC’s CEO is one of those whom I personally, despise most of all.

It is with great curiosity, that I monitor accidents statistics of shipping majors – the more company is in “Green Shipping” dirty, criminal business, the higher is accidents rate. Purely incidental, of course, lol. The question of questions, the root one, is one simple question – how come we allow such scumbags to rule us? How come there’s no resistance, no pushback?
Seafarer News Ukraine:

Container ship MSC BRUNELLA, IMO 9702106, dwt 109832, capacity 8819 TEU, built 2015, flag Portugal, manager MSC.