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Marina to launch boat design competition

Marina to launch boat design competition
Genivi Verdejo January 4, 2023

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) invites all registered naval architects and BS Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering students to participate in the boat design contest.

Marina Administrator Hernani Fabia said Marina will hold a boat design contest in line with the Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) Program 3 on the coastal and inland waterways transport (CIWT) system and the preparation for Marina's 50th anniversary.

Fabia issued Marina Advisory 2022-67 inviting all registered naval architects (RENA) or graduates of BS Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to join the boat design competition under the Professional category, and for students of BS Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering under the Student category.

The deadline for registration is in June, the submission of entries is in December 2023, and the awarding ceremony is on Marina's 50th anniversary in June 2024.

For the Student category, first place will receive P30,000; second place, P20,000; third place, P10,000; and three consolation prizes, P3,000 each.

For the professional category, first place will get P50,000; second place, P30,000; and third place, P20,000. Marina will post the guidelines for the boat design.

The 10-year MIDP covers the development of the CIWT system which costs P2.733 billion.

The amount of investments in CIWT ship and facility operation is P1.9 billion.

The efficient, safe and secure CIWT system reduced the time of transport in urban and coastal areas by 30 percent.

It increased the number of passengers transported by the CIWT system by 90 percent, and the volume and value of cargo transported grew by 80 percent.

Passenger satisfaction with the CIWT system increased by 85 percent.