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MIDP update aligns with sustainability program – Marina

MIDP update aligns with sustainability program – Marina
Genivi Verdejo March 15, 2023

THE 10-year Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) update will strongly contribute to achieving the sustainability goals, the Maritime Industry Authority said.

The MIDP 2028 is a roadmap for the integrated development of the maritime industry geared toward building a strong and reliable Philippine merchant fleet that addresses the sea transport requirements of the archipelago.

In a recent statement, Marina said that MIDP supports the socioeconomic agenda of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. It targets the achievement of the long-term vision of a strongly rooted, comfortable and secure life — "Isang Matatag, Maginhawa, at Panatag na Buhay para sa Lahat."

"The updated MIDP aligns with the core principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of sustainable development and the principle of leaving no one behind," Marina said.

It said the amended MIDP consists of the Overriding Programs, Core Programs and Enabling Program and has goals and outcomes that are interrelated. The Overriding Programs underpin the goals and outcomes of Core Programs, while the Enabling Program is geared toward facilitating the implementation of both Overriding Core and Core Programs.

The Overriding Programs include the enhancement of maritime transport safety and security of merchant and fishing fleets; the promotion of an environmentally sustainable maritime industry; and the implementation of sustainable maritime innovation, transformation, digitalization and Knowledge Center.

The Core Programs are the modernization and expansion of the domestic shipping industry; the promotion and expansion of the overseas shipping industry, modernization, expansion, and the promotion of the shipbuilding and ship repair industry; and the promotion of a highly skilled and competitive maritime workforce.

The Enabling Program is the adoption and implementation of an effective and efficient Maritime Administration Governance System.

The MIDP envisions increasing access to a safe, reliable, efficient, affordable, sustainable and integrated sea transport system for passengers and shippers. It aims to increase the capacity and production of the shipbuilding and ship repair industry and enhance the employability of the maritime workforce by creating new and quality jobs through reskilling and upskilling.