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Long Saga Of An Abandoned Vessel’s Filipino Crew Members Finally Comes To An End

Long Saga Of An Abandoned Vessel’s Crew Members Finally Comes To An End
MI News Network March 23, 2023

Stranded and abandoned at sea for about six months, their vessel swinging at anchor via storms in Portland Bay, baking beneath a summer sun and rolling on vicious swells, the small crew had very few means available to them.

The Portland Missions to Seafarers went on sending supplies of phone cards to the ship so the individuals could get in touch with their families in the Philippines.

The Liberian-flagged vessel has reportedly been anchored off the Portland coast in southwest Victoria since September 2022.

Boredom had them, but the seafarers could contact their families, mentioned Captain Roger Molinos. Each night, the seafarer could speak to his wife and three children. They could see him, and he could also see them with the picture phone. The Mission offered this blessing.

A well-planned mission for delivering cattle to China was scuttled following a crack being found in the vessel’s hull.

The vessel soon turned out to be the subject of an Australian Federal Court order in December 2022, with a court judgment ruling the vessel’s China-based owners had reportedly abandoned it and the crew members amid mounting debts.

Approximately 20 crew members were permitted to depart from the boat in January. While 16 were mandated by Australian law to be on board and respond to emergencies.

That core group of individuals — the last ones standing — shared the good news that they could finally return home this week.

Their bags are packed, the flights are booked, and loved ones have been informed.

In short, they are “elated”, per Portland Mission to Seafarers’ manager Neville Manson.

They are relieved to be going home, he mentioned.