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76 marine deck and engine officers sworn into official duties

76 marine deck and engine officers sworn into official duties
Genivi Verdejo March 29, 2023

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) facilitated the first oath-taking ceremony in 2023 of 76 marine deck and engine officers at the Amosup Convention Hall in Manila.

For the Deck Department, 39 oath-takers comprised 10 master mariners, one chief mate, and 28 officers in charge of a navigational watch (OIC-NW). For the Engine Department, there were 37 maritime engineer officers consisting of seven chief engineer officers, two second engineer officers, and 28 officers in charge of an engineering watch (OIC-EW).

Ma. Louella Areglo, OIC of STCW Office – Examination and Assessment Division (EAD) at Marina, said they successfully passed the theoretical examination and practical assessment. After all their hard work, efforts and preparations, they are ready to undertake the duties and responsibilities of merchant marine officers at the operational and management levels.

Engineer Nannette Villamor-Dinopol, Marina deputy administrator for operations, said holding a certificate of competency (COC) comes with greater responsibility — that it is not only about ranks and glamour.

"As a merchant marine officer, you must strive to elevate, maintain and contribute to the honor and dignity of your profession. You are bound to promote and ensure the safety of life and property at sea, protect the marine environment, and prevent marine pollution and accidents at sea. Filipino seafarers are known for their helping hands, exemplary skillset, resourcefulness, and resiliency. Continue representing our country with these attributes and show the world the culture and values of a true Filipino seafarer," Villamor-Dinopol said.

The officers were sworn for professional ethics and commitment, pledging to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, safety and environmental stewardship in their roles as marine deck and engineer officers. The oath-taking marked the official start of their commitment to their duties, responsibilities and obligations as merchant marine officers.

The oath-taking ceremony is the administration's way of acknowledging and recognizing the beginning of a marine officer's commitment to his or her obligations as an officer of the safety of life at sea and the marine environment.