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Palace vows to stop ‘horrific’ practices against Pinoy seafarers

Palace vows to stop ‘horrific’ practices against Pinoy seafarers
Prince Golez April 17, 2023

The Marcos administration has committed to put an end to the atrocious practices against the Philippine seafaring industry, the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) said Monday.

The PCO said the government is doing everyting to support the well-being of Filipino seafarers and their families.

“The administration is very well aware of the plight and condition of our Filipino seafarers who are well-known for their competence and skills in the sector. We know that they are being preyed on and taken advantage of by these unscrupulous individuals for the sake of making a buck,” its statement read.

“The government is doing all it can to protect and look after the welfare of our seafarers and their families who ultimately bear the burden of these unscrupulous groups and individuals.

“With this in mind, the administration assures the public at large that the entire government system will be working to address and stop these horrific practices that erode the credibility and competence of the seafaring industry in the country,” the PCO added.

Malacañang was reacting to the open letter from the United Filipinos Seafarers accusing lawyers of egging injured or sick seafarers to sue their employers, manning agencies and foreign shipowners.

These lawyers would win claims with “inflated disability compensation,” alienating international shipowners, the group claimed.