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Marina, IMO strengthen marine casualty investigation

Marina, IMO strengthen marine casualty investigation
Genivi Verdejo April 19, 2023

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) in coordination with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) led the launch of the Foundation Course on Marine Casualty Investigation for IMO Member States to strengthen maritime safety in the Philippines.

The program is a significant step toward harmonizing procedures, guidelines and assessment in the conduct of marine safety investigations. This reflects the commitment of the Philippine government, Marina and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to promote the highest standards of safety and security in the maritime industry.

Marine Casualty Investigation Course 3.11 is a five-day training program held from April 17-21, 2023, with the participation of 20 Marina personnel and five PCG personnel to capacitate the marine casualty or safety investigator of Marina and PCG. This aims to adhere to the guidelines of the standard in the conduct of Marine Safety Investigation, based on the IMO Casualty Investigation Code and MC MS-2022-01 titled "Rules and Regulations on the Conduct of Marine Casualty/Incident."

This will harmonize the procedures, guidelines and assessment in the conduct of Marine Safety Investigation between Marina and PCG and enable them to share techniques and understand the purpose and process of the Marina safety investigation. It will assist the Philippines in building its internal capacity for trainers who can undertake future capacity-building activities for casualty investigators of Marina.

Marina Administrator Hernani Fabia said the training is a great opportunity to enhance the understanding and appreciation of maritime investigation.

Bekir Sitki Ustaoglu, IMO head of Asia and Pacific Section Technical Cooperation Division, said every country, regardless of its capacity, should have the competency to carry out or to contribute to an investigation in a self-sustainable manner.

The training course is expected to provide casualty investigators of the recipient countries with updates on the latest developments relating to the Casualty Investigation Code. It will assist selected national maritime administrations to uniformly carry out investigations into marine casualties and incidents following the IMO Code of the International Standards and Recommended Practices for a safety investigation into marine casualty or marine incidents.