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The Journey of a Filipino Seafarer in Taiwan

The Journey of a Filipino Seafarer in Taiwan
Sherry Wang & Yuji de Torres 26 April 2023

Due to low wages in the Philippines, Kuya Ver was willing to take the risk of becoming a seafarer in Taiwan. However, the abuse that he and his crewmates suffered led to a man’s death and almost his own. Now, he is pushing for justice—and you, too, can help stop these cases from happening again.

What Can We Do?

While OFWs are promised the world and called new heroes by the government, they are one of the most at-risk group of migrant workers. As Kuya Ver’s story has shown, fishers in distant-fishing vessels are vulnerable to extreme abuse by their captains. Since many distant-fishing vessels sail beyond their country’s maritime borders, they are subject to isolation from their authorities and families.

Many state-actors are required to act for this oversight. There needs to be a better way to monitor distant-fishing vessels and protect these fishers.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution.