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Crew of detained Malaviya Seven still not paid

Crew of detained Malaviya Seven still not paid
Rebecca Curran January 12, 2018

he crew of a supply ship that was detained in Aberdeen for more than a year have still not been paid the wages owed to them, BBC Scotland has learned.

The Malaviya Seven was detained in June 2016, and again in October that year, under merchant shipping regulations.

The ship was eventually sold in November last year to a Norwegian company, and the last of the crew returned to India.

However, ongoing court proceedings have delayed payment further.

BBC Scotland understands all parties that have a financial interest in the vessel, including Aberdeen Harbour Board and the Union Bank of India, need to be informed by law that the ship has been sold, and that process is causing the delay.

The case will call again at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on 31 January.

The crew of the Malaviya Seven are owed about £670,000 after the ship's former owner was liquidated.

They spent more than 18 months on the vessel at Aberdeen Harbour as they believed if they left they would never get paid.

The ITF union, which represents the workers, hopes that the money can finally be released after the hearing at the end of the month.

The supply ship still has not been allowed to leave Aberdeen Harbour.