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Marina aligns 5-year plans, programs with MIDP

Marina aligns 5-year plans, programs with MIDP
YFT August 9, 2023

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) is taking significant strides to align its five-year strategic plans and programs with the country's long-term Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP).

A three-day workshop spearheaded by Marina's Planning and Policy Service (PPS) updated the agency's five-year Strategic Deliverables, Strategic Contributions and Program Scorecards.

Such a comprehensive approach ensures that Marina's initiatives and projects are geared toward fulfilling the MIDP's vision and objectives. The alignment also demonstrates Marina's commitment to responsible and strategic planning, ensuring the effective implementation of the MIDP's goals.

Marina Administrator Hernani Fabia reaffirmed the agency's commitment to aligning its plans with the MIDP, emphasizing the importance of contributing effectively to the development and growth of the maritime industry.

PPS Director Luisito de los Santos highlighted the pivotal role of the Marina Voyage Plan in ensuring that the programs, plans, and projects of Marina are in sync with the MIDP 2028. He emphasized the significance of aligning strategies and efforts to effectively contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the maritime industry.

Meanwhile, Deputy Administrator for Planning Sonia Malaluan led the workshop, focusing on examining the strategic deliverables and contributions of the MVP from 2024 to 2028, ensuring seamless alignment with the updated MIDP 2028.

The workshop, held from July 31 to August 2, brought together service unit and regional directors, officers-in-charge, and planners from all regions of Marina.

The outputs will be validated during the Authority's MidYear Performance Assessment and Planning Conference on Aug. 9 to 11, 2023.

The MIDP 2028 encompasses eight core programs designed to propel the industry forward sustainably and innovatively, covering the modernization and expansion of domestic shipping; promotion and expansion of overseas shipping; modernization, expansion and promotion of the shipbuilding and ship repair industry; promotion of a highly skilled and competitive maritime workforce; enhancement of maritime transport safety and security; promotion of an environmentally sustainable maritime industry; implementation of sustainable maritime innovation; transformation, digitalization and knowledge centers; and adoption and implementation of an effective and efficient maritime administration governance system.