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Vessels for reclamation projects monitored

Vessels for reclamation projects monitored
Franco Jose C. Baroña August 15, 2023

THE Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said on Monday it would continue to closely monitor and inspect foreign vessels reportedly involved in reclamation activities in Manila Bay.

In an interview, PCG Manila Station Commander Capt. Jerome Lozada said that to date, they have inspected 47 vessels engaged in reclamation projects.

Lozada said all 47 vessels have complied with the documents issued by the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina).

The inspection was conducted with the Bureau of Immigration to check the documents of foreign nationals onboard the Chinese vessels.

"We inspected the safety documents and the statutory documents issued by Marina, and the maintenance of the engine," said Lozada.

He said all domestically registered vessels in Manila Bay are subject to inspection.

Lozada said no new vessels that will engage with the reclamation projects have arrived.

"We are still continuously monitoring the activities of these vessels," he said.

"We inspect them every three months as per our existing circulars. We will be closely monitoring to ensure that the vessels engaged in the reclamation projects are complying with the suspension that is being issued." On August 10, House Deputy Majority Leader Erwin Tulfo warned about possible security threats after crew members of Chinese vessels docked in Manila Bay were seen being transported to areas around the bay.

Tulfo noted that the ships have been in the area for months and are involved in dredging and reclamation.

The Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), meanwhile, said all Chinese contractors in Manila Bay reclamation projects have secured permits to operate following reports on possible security threats.

"Before these vessels and their crew were allowed to enter or do business here in the Philippines, especially at Manila Bay, we required special permits from other government agencies," PRA Assistant General Manager Joseph Literal said on Monday.