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US Federal Maritime Commission expands its investigation into charges levied by Mediterranean Shipping Co

FMC expands its investigation into charges levied by MSC
Sam Chambers August 15, 2023

Not for the first time in recent months, lawyers for Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) find themselves battling a case at the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC.

MSC, the world’s largest containerline, faces charges over its detention and demurrage charges as well as its billing procedures, potential violations of the Shipping Act.

Rather than an individual complaint brought about by a disgruntled shipper – as has been the case with most suits in recent years – this latest investigation is more broad involving thousands of charges levied against a range of clients that are disputed, some of which date back to 2017.

MSC has 25 days to file an initial response to the FMC order with the commission set to issue its final decision by late February 2025.