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PCG, MARINA may now use EU-funded Indo-Pacific info sharing platform

PCG, MARINA may now use EU-funded Indo-Pacific info sharing platform
Angeline Marcelino - September 09, 2023

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) will now have access to the information sharing platform called Indo-Pacific Regional Information Sharing (IORIS), according to the delegation of the European Union (EU) to the Philippines.

This was after PCG and MARINA signed an agreement on September 5 and 7 with IORIS’ developer Critical Marine Routes in the Indian Ocean Project (CRIMARIO II) concerning its use.

CRIMARIO II, based on its website, is a project advocating for regional cooperation and inter-agency coordination. Established in 2015 and funded by the European Union, it aims to strengthen maritime safety and security in the Indo-Pacific Region of which the Philippines is part.

IORIS was described as a “secure and neutral, web-based, maritime coordination and information-sharing tool.” This platform offers functionalities such as satellite services capable of managing maritime incidents.

Under the said agreement, PCG and MARINA are required to effectively and regularly use the IORIS in exchange for its services.

According to the EU delegation to the Philippines, Deputy Head Dr. Ana Isabel Sanchez Ruiz mentioned that they have been building partners in the Indo-Pacific to better address threats in maritime safety and security — as well as respond to disasters, protect the marine environment, and manage fish stocks sustainably.

Meanwhile, CRIMARIO II Project Director Martin Cauchi Inglott welcomed PCG and MARINA to the IORIS community, saying that it currently has more than 40 civilian and military agencies from over 20 countries across the Indo-Pacific.

“IORIS will support both organizations in implementing their mandate, providing a framework to exchange operational information, and connecting in real-time domestic and international stakeholders to address the evolving challenges in the maritime domain,” he added.