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Reshaping the maritime industry one ship at a time

Reshaping the maritime industry one ship at a time
Yashika F. Torib September 13, 2023

THE Philippine maritime industry is often associated with the more established and lucrative sector of seafaring. Trailing in its wake are the widely diverse sectors of fishing, aquaculture, domestic shipping, ship registry, maritime safety and security, and shipbuilding.

While the industry operates as a whole, it is on the latter that the world's environmental future relies. Shipbuilding now sits at the heart of maritime innovation to lessen and eventually eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from ships. According to a study by the International Maritime Organization, shipping contributes to climate change through emissions of black carbon produced by the combustion of marine fuel.

Despite this stark reality, shipbuilding and naval architecture in a maritime nation such as the Philippines still stand in the shadow of larger, much more exciting sectors that bring in more money.

From the perspective of a 22-year-old woman who studies naval architecture and marine engineering, or NAME, the global shortage of naval architects is unacceptable.

Trisha Gervacio believes that these professionals are the very minds that would drive innovation and address critical maritime issues of air and water pollution, acoustic disturbances, and oil spills.
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